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WorldatWork Course T1: Total Rewards Management

  • 11 May 2017
  • 8:00 AM
  • 12 May 2017
  • 5:00 PM
  • Blount International, 4909 SE International Way, Portland, OR 97222

Total Rewards Management

Learn what is required to formulate a rewards program that has the power to attract, motivate, engage, and retain - total rewards.  Participants are introduced to the total rewards model and each of its components.  Emphasis is given to the six elements of total rewards: compensation, benefits, work-life effectiveness, recognition, performance management, and talent development.

■ Gain an understanding of total rewards management.
■ Discover the six elements of total rewards.
■ Understand the critical role of the main drivers - organizational culture, business strategy, and human resources strategy.
■ Learn the process of designing a successful total rewards strategy.

What You Will Learn

Introduction to Total Rewards

  • The evolution of rewards
  • The total rewards model
  • External influences
  • Drivers of total rewards strategy
  • Elements of total rewards strategy
  • The total rewards strategy
  • The total rewards approach


  • Compensation
  • Factors influencing compensation
  • Base pay structure design
  • Base pay structure
  • Base pay
  • Differential pay
  • Variable pay


  • Benefits
  • Factors influencing benefits
  • Income protection programs
  • Pay for time not worked programs

Work-Life Effectiveness

  • Work-life effectiveness
  • The work-life professional
  • Work-life portfolio


  • Recognition
  • The value of recognition programs
  • Using recognition to drive results
  • Recognition plan types
  • Recognition programs

Performance Management

  • Performance management
  • Pay for performance
  • Principles of merit pay programs
  • The base pay investment
  • Merit increase guidelines

Talent Development

  • Talent development
  • Talent development opportunities
  • Types of development opportunities
  • Measuring effectiveness

Total Rewards - Putting it All Together

  • Revisiting the total rewards model
  • The total rewards design process
  • Total rewards design considerations
  • Communicating the value of a total rewards package

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